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Obligatory ‘About Me’ page

I’m a mother.  I have to teach, clean, cook, correct, be an example, chauffeur, and do all that motherly stuff.  Doing my best with Lysol and bulk paper plates.

I play the role of daddy too, because my ex and father of my kids had committed a string of felonies and is now in the hoosegow.  The clink, the pokey.  I have to kill spiders, play catch, fix things that are broken, make funny voices for entertainment and watch football.  I played some football with my son and promptly broke a finger.

I’m a sister, an older sister, and my younger brother would probably say I’m a crappy older sister.  I’m trying to fix this with time.

I’m a United States Marine, the best brotherhood in the galaxy.  I know how to be one of the guys but without all the crotch adjusting.

* * *

I live in Montana on a little piece of land where I garden, raise chickens, tend to a growing fruit orchard and pick a lot of rock and cactus.  I write.  I love coffee and Pepsi Throwback.  I have amazing friends and an amazing (albeit roller-coaster) life.


I wouldn’t be who I am in this world without some really amazing people.  My dad for starters, then the many people I met along the way.

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  1. David / Feb 21 2013 5:31 pm

    We like licorice bridge mix too, and we’re only in our mid-50s so watch your ageism there sister.

    Lucy Ransom is a pretty cool name.

    I remember (with a cringe) your post about getting smacked by the doors. You should probably invent wearable airbags for yourself.

    With all your accident proneness, consider yourself lucky not to need crotch adjusting as well.

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