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October 15, 2012 / Maleesha Kovnesky

The Criminal

My blog is getting thousands of hits now so I thought I better come make a statement.

– I am brokenhearted for the girl in Cody Wyoming and I am so, so, thankful that it’s hunting season and that she was found safely.  May you get the help and support that you need.  I am so devastated and sorry that this has happened to you.  You did not deserve it, and I am so proud of you for being a fighter, fighting him off and surviving.  You are amazing.  You may have saved many more lives.  Take this strength that you find and turn it into an inner peace or power and not hatred.  He is not worth it.

– May your parents also find strength through your amazing soul.

– I am not married to The Criminal any longer.  I was with him between 2003-2009.  I have full custody of our kids.

-There are OLD websites out there where The Criminal and I have collaborated, along with others.  Please do not drag other people’s names into this on pure speculation.

– I did help Wasband edit his new Autumn book.  We were cordial to each other until a few months ago when he just stopped talking to me.

– The FBI is talking to all of us and doing their job.  PLEASE LET THEM.  I don’t want anything to screw up this case.

– People are finding photos of my from Twitter and other sites before I could take them down, and re-posting them other places.  Fine, do what you feel you gotta do, but I wish you would knock it off.

– My main job now is to protect my children and keep them from hearing about the alleged crimes before they are ready.  They are both great kids and love their dad very much.  They do not know where he is now and it is very scary for them.  I have to find out how this is done.  It’s a nightmare to wake up with your life changed like this.   I have talked with his family, his girlfriend, and some mutual friends.  We are all in shock, hoping they have the wrong person but afraid that they do not.  Our pain does not compare to the victim’s pain, but it is there nonetheless and it’s miserable.  If he has done this, he has hurt an awful lot of people.

I cannot answer the thousands of questions out there that I know some of you have.  Above all I am sorry to be connected to someone who may have done this.

I do ask for privacy for my kids and my family.



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  1. Terri / Oct 16 2012 9:00 am


    Your blog sounds sincere and I hope you continue to stand strong. Unfortunately, many victims wil come from The Criminal’s actions as they did find numerous nude pics of other child victims and I am sure an investigation will be underway to find out who the other children were. So so sad…that no one had any idea. I hope that your kids were always safe with him and that they weren’t victims of his perversion and I truly hope that none one else in the business or friendship with him were involved in this. The FBI, I am sure, will be further investigating and more of The Criminal’s movements and activities come to the light… so sad. My advice to ppl is that no one is immune and no one is wearing a label to say …”look at me, I’m a pervert!” pls watch your children and talk with them constantly, but most of all be very aware and observant of the ppl around you and whom you associate with so that if you become alerted to anything, anything suspect…report it! To you and your family, may God protect you and guide you!

  2. melissa / Oct 16 2012 8:09 am


    My husband and I are so very sorry for you and your children and the pain that Wasband has caused. We know The Criminal and it is horrific to think someone we know could be so evil.

    Our thoughts and support are with you.


  3. Vbee / Oct 16 2012 4:23 am

    I pray for your children’s sake you get the privacy you need to help them thru this.

  4. Phoebe Anderson / Oct 16 2012 1:45 am

    My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your kids, you are in my prayers for peace of mind and healing of your hearts through such a traumatic time! Not only is a young girl in Cody hurting, but so is your family, and sadly no one thought of that before acting to cause trauma and pain. God bless you and your family, remember to hold up your heads and remember that you are not guilty of wrong-doing.

  5. B / Oct 15 2012 11:51 pm

    May God bless you and your children to get through such a rough time! As a mother I couldn’t even begin to imagine what You, the Victim, or the Suspects family must all be going through in so many different ways! Stay strong!

  6. K.C. / Oct 15 2012 9:16 pm

    I don’t know you, but my prayers are with you and your children. I have been part of chatter on FB, ect and never thought of other’s feelings. I will not enter into chatter anymore on this subject, always keeping in mind what you and your children must be dealing with. You obviously have a lot of courage! Keep fighting the fight for all that is good and just in our world. Hugs to you! kcm

  7. Gwen Olson / Oct 15 2012 8:54 pm

    There is not enough words or ways to say how the actions of one man has destroyed in some way or another many, many lives. Thankfully you posted this blog. Everyone needs to stop & think, what if this was my life interupted, what would be the best way for all involved to get through it without more violence. You are a strong person & like so many others my prayers go out to you, your children & all other relatives dealing with this. My prayers are with the little girl & her family & relatives as well. Also my prayers for our community that is in shock & disbelief that this happened in our area.

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