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October 10, 2011 / Maleesha Kovnesky

High Maintenance

I am truly a high-maintenance friend at times.  Not in the typical sense of high-maintenance.  But every now and then I cause great upheaval for those around me, and I just want to say “thanks for putting up with me and even laughing about it.”

So my back has been majorly flared up the past few months, and a new MRI revealed arthritis of the spine has showed up in addition to my failed fusion.  My new doctor decided to try some facet joint injections.  I have had spinal epidurals, SI joint injections, and some other things before but I believe this was the first time for facet joint injections.  Anyhoo, the shots I had before didn’t affect me too terribly so I thought these would be ok too.  Appointment was at 9 AM and I would just show up at work after, right?

My boss found me passed out on my desk later that morning.  Keyboard imprints decorated one arm.  Some friends rallied together to get me home.  But before that, they got into my email and canceled all my appointments for the day and took care of some business.  Then they began an elaborate musical-cars game to get both me and my car home.  They arranged pickup for my kids.  One brought over pizza for dinner (I am told I ok’d this, but when she showed up at the door I was all “Hey, what are YOU doing here?”) and also deep-cleaned the house.

I am incredibly grateful.  Although I don’t remember ANY of it, I am told it was quite the debacle.  Luckily, one of those same friends took a picture for historical purposes.  This is me on her inflatable palm tree as I waited for a ride home:


Plan Ahead


Thanks you all.  I owe you a LOT.  I am sorry I was high maintenance on Friday.


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  1. Peter Parkour / Oct 12 2011 1:40 pm

    OMG! You poor baby. Glad to hear you made it TO work ok. What a scary experience. I too hope the shots do the trick. Take care.

  2. Allison / Oct 11 2011 4:41 am

    Sounds like you’ll be buying a lot of boy scout popcorn and girl scout cookies from them (just kidding…sort of). Really though, they sound amazing. I hope the shots help!

  3. David / Oct 10 2011 5:13 pm

    Sounds like you have some really good friends. I hope the facet injections turn out to be helpful.

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