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December 20, 2010 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Coming in 2011

I had a really amazing idea for a post, then I sat down to type it out, and it was gone.  I HATE that.

If you have kids in your life, you really need to go check out Portable North Pole.  You can customize a video message from Santa for anyone from toddlers to adults.  I could tell my son was on the verge of not buying into Santa this year, being the ripe old age of six and all, but when he got his video from Santa, his eyes lit up like the star on the top of the tree.  He couldn’t believe Santa knew where he lived, and even had photos of him in his Magical Book.  It doesn’t cost anything either, unless you want to purchase the video to save forever.  Otherwise, the video is accessible via a URL you get sent in an email.

I was going to make homemade marshmallows this year, but I didn’t find the time.  Then I walked past a stand of snowman shaped vanilla marshmallows at the store, and decided that was fine with me. 

My dad really did start a blog.  I can’t wait for him to have more than one post.  Once he does, I will make sure to send you long-time readers to his blog and you can leave him some comments…that will really freak him out!

I am on vacation (well….staycation) this week.  I have many projects I need to start and finish.  One of the projects is new…we just came up with it yesterday.  My mom bought a ginormous TV.  It’s the biggest TV we ever had in the family.  I love that sentence, because it makes it sound like we are talking about The first person from our family to graduate from college or something.  But it’s a great big sucker of a TV. 

The box, which is of course even bigger, has just been sitting here.  Why, I’m not sure.  I guess they didn’t want to throw it away because you never know when you might need a box I guess.  But now the box has a purpose.  My brother and I are going to paint it and make it into a playhouse.  One side will be a “Christmas cabin” and the other side will be a “Summer cabin.”  That way the kids can flip it around if these glaciers surrounding our state ever melt. 

I really want to post some pictures of the project in hopes to kick-start my blogginess again.  It’s been hard for me to come here and type.  I feel like everything I have to say is either too depressing, or too personal, or too much about people who I respect too much to blog about them without their permission.  It kind of makes me wish that I had started and stayed anonymous, but then I wouldn’t have met some of you out there so I can’t complain. 

I have seen a couple of movies this past week.  The first one was The Tourist, which was light anf fluffy and probably worth seeing on DVD rather than in the theater.  The second was Tron: Legacy.  Great movie, so 1980’s nostalgia ridden that it hurt.  If you are seizure prone, maybe skip Tron in 3D, though the 3D really made the movie. 

The reason I am talking about going to movies is that during the previews, many of the trailers would do their trailer magic, then the black screen would display with a giant


Every time I see


I kind of feel a little excited, like I am living in the future. 

2010 was bad enough, but now we are going to be living in 2011?  Holy craps.  I want my jet pack.  I want moving sidewalks and robot maids.  I laugh because back in the 1980’s when adults used to talk about The Future (see 2011) they really must have thought they had their shit together.  I imagine all these fat cat 1980 leaders in a big room with Cold War propaganda on it.  They are laughing about how awesome they are laying down the framework of the future, and how in “the 2000s” everyone is going to look back on them and think, “Wow, what great foresight and planning these leaders had!  Thank goodness they did what they did back in the 1970s and 1980s because we just wouldn’t be where we are today, if it hadn’t been for them!”

It’s funny because 2010-2011 feels more like the 1930s for a lot of people in America.  Ok, a 1930s with television and McDonalds….but work with me here.

I think it’s a good thing.  We as a human race needed badly to be humbled by a lack of flying cars and gold-paved roads and nutrition in a pill.  War and famines and foreclosures and unemployment. 

Well that’s all depressing isn’t it?  Here, have a cookie!



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  1. Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket / Dec 25 2010 8:15 pm

    Being humbled is a medicine that no one has invented a pill to replace. Iwas “humbled” about a year ago and it was quite a shot to absorb…and my on-line presence had a lot ot do with it.

  2. David / Dec 23 2010 12:22 pm

    Mmmmm good looking cookies! Thanks!

    I enjoyed this post, and I’m glad you’re not anonymous. Even if you were, I’d still like reading your blog. There’s something really nice in the simple honesty of your words.

    I hear you on the Future Dread. I’ve had that really bad in the past, and the way the world is going, it gets more difficult to shake off. This is why we buy giant TVs and save the boxes. 🙂

    There may not be enough work to go around for all of us to have jobs. That is bad right now, but maybe it will be better in the future. If we survive. We work too hard anyway, and our drivers (greed, desire, fear) are in sore need of updates. Is the real goal is to just push buttons and have the machine do all the work? I’m thinking not.

  3. Allison / Dec 20 2010 1:45 pm

    I love the Portable North Pole! A friend finally made me make a video for Abby last weekend, and I’m so glad I did. She loved that he showed a picture from her birthday, and of something she specifically requested this year (I love granting requests for things like practicl umbrellas.)

    Yes, please do send your loyal readers to your dad’s site.

    Be patient with your blogginess, even when we aren’t :-).

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