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October 5, 2010 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Qwest Update! Makes for a boring post, but…

…fair is fair.

I am officially withdrawing my hatred toward Qwest, which I previously ranted about here.

I recently started using Qwest again (mostly because I live in Montana and our options are limited) but when I ran into problems with my service, my experience with their Customer Support is FAR superior to what I went through three years ago.

Not only can I get to a real human on the phone in less than ten minutes, but the customer service reps I spoke to were knowledgeable and knew where to send me if they couldn’t help me.

When they did transfer me to another department, I didn’t get hung up on.

And most amazingly, when I had to schedule an appointment for a service technician to come out on October 6 – I was stunned to come home after work on October 5 to find a handwritten note from a local Qwest service tech. He had come out a full day early to see if there was anything he could fix from the outside…there was, and now I have steady internet. I am so excited I haven’t started my Glee DVR yet.

I thought it was only fair that I come up and give my newfound respect to Qwest for turning things around, as I had ranted about them so badly in the past.

And thanks to local Greg from Qwest, you really made my day coming out early. You have no idea how lack of internet kills my soul. So THANK YOU.


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  1. shmode / Oct 6 2010 11:09 am

    Oh I LOVE good customer service stories! Glad you have internet back, I tend to shake when mine is down.

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