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December 3, 2009 / Maleesha Kovnesky

U.S. Tourist Traps – Three to See

So here in America, you get cool points for being the biggest, the fastest, the most dramatic, most likely to succeed, most likely to become a mass murderer…things like that.  I had a memory pop into my mind earlier today and that is the basis for this blog.  I would love to hear comments on the goofiest places in the US that you have been.  Here are three that I have had the pleasure to visit in person.

1.  World’s Largest Holstein Cow – New Salem, North Dakota

I haven’t done the cross North Dakota drive since I was 17, but prior to that I had been in the car many many times as my family crossed the vast expanse on the way to Wisconsin.  There aren’t many landmarks in North Dakota, but if you ever do the drive, pay attention.  There will be a moment when you see a blip on the horizon.  The blip slowly, sloooooowly increases in size.  You think to yourself, “Self, what is that blip on the horizon?”  But you have no idea.  Soon though, you will get close enough to see that it’s a giant cow. 

2.  World’s Largest Prairie Dog – Oakley, Kansas

Because you love prairie dogs.  And because when you are traveling across Kansas and all you have to read are the four hundred signs pointing you to the rattlesnakes, six-legged mammals, and the world’s largest prairie dog…you will feel compelled to stop.

3.  The House of Mystery – Hungry House, MT

No one ventures to the House of Mystery on purpose.  However, many people venture to Glacier National Park.  The House of Mystery happens to be on the way to GNP and that is why people go there.  They stop to see if there is a bathroom, but they are quickly mesmerized by the signs and the marbles.  The marbles, you see, come with the price of admission to the H.o.M…you need them to see the true power of the Vortex. 

I did venture in to the H.o.M. and it was worth the five or six bucks to get in.

What are the weird places that took your dollars as you traveled from here to there?  Do share.  This is a friendly place.



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  1. Pammy Girl / Dec 4 2009 6:50 am

    You know… there’s this HUGE paper mache chicken somewhere along I-40 in Oklahoma. It would fit in nicely with this list. I’ll have to dig around and find a photo of me with this monstrosity.

  2. shucktheoyster / Dec 4 2009 12:07 am

    Ha ha! – The opening paragraph is Killer! I agree 100%

    My all American burger experience in San Diego california at “Hodads” was probably the single moment on my journey that I feared for my life. The burger bar in Ocean Beach was normally way to busy for a visit but I lucked out one quite evening and ventured inside. Because of all the hype I asked the waitress to give me something popular. 20minutes later this enormous 3 storey stack came wrapped up in paper, married to an extra large serve of fries, and a drink cup the size of a bucket! I walked down to the beach and sat alone in the darkness, but I guess I wasn’t really alone because I had this ridiculous culinary abomination as company!

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