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May 22, 2009 / Maleesha Kovnesky

The Grass is Greener

We have to move again.

I’m so sick of moving.  We moved to this house in December, and we had scheduled what would turn out to be the coldest week of the entire year.  Gusts of wind made the air temperature close to -30.  The highs were a balmy -18 all week long.  The moving truck refused to start the last day, so we had to get it towed back to the rental place.  I was so happy when that move was over, I can’t even tell you.

The house we chose seemed perfect.  Huge backyard, fenced, etc.  The owners were so happy to get it rented.  They had it on the market to sell for many months before they decided to rent it out.  We met them, and they seemed like good, solid Midwestern types.  They made it very clear they wanted long term renters, and we made it clear we didn’t want to move anytime soon.  We said we loved the house, and would be interested in buying it after we rented for a year.  They squealed with delight.

I had grand plans for this place.  I doodled the future backyard on my notepad. 

We were here for a month when the owner emailed us to say that some East Coast people who looked at the house “several months ago, when it was still on the market” decided that they wanted to buy the house after all, so he was in the process of signing a contract with them, and he informed us that we would have a new landlord, but don’t worry because the lease was transferring with the sale, so we could keep our original one year term. 

Hearing all this news one month after we had just moved in was not cool.  I even cried (just a little).  Gone were the plans.  Gone are the plans. 

The new owners sent us a letter this week asking if we could please, please move out several months early, so they can move in.  Good gracious.  Moving AGAIN.  Actually, we were a bit pleased to get the letter.  We didn’t want to have to move in December again.  However, we needed those extra months to save the money that is involved with moving.  So we are going to ask for a month free, plus our deposit back early, so that we can move.  If they say no, they we are not going move.  We can’t.  We’ll drag out the lease and move in the frozen month of December.  Not because we want to, but because we have to.  So hopefully they will agree.

I feel pretty good about the situation…moving out early, that is.  Part of the reason that our new strategy is to rent for a year before we EVER buy another house is to see if we actually like the place.  We loved the house we rented prior to this one…for the first month, anyway.  After you live in a place, you find out all kinds of things that you swear you will never, ever accept in another house.  The sink is too far away from the stove.  The door to the garage doesn’t open all the way.  The light switches in the upstairs bedroom are hard to reach.  The frickin’ phone jacks are in ridiculous places, things like that.  Well, this house is no exception.  There is plenty wrong with it.  The heating system is really efficient, but the boiler keeps failing and it’s expensive to have to fix.  The toilets keep running, and need new kits.  The backyard seemed like a dream, but it’s really uneven and actually a bit dangerous for kids.  The neighbors have a nasty dog that they don’t like to keep on a leash.  The lady across the street is a bit loony.  The neighbors to our right are really unfriendly, and keep a car parked on their lawn.  None of the windows have screens on them, and there is no air conditioning…should be super fun during Bozeman’s 105+ degree July.  And the list goes on and on.  I only wish we could move sooner, so we at least get to spend the summer in the new place. 



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  1. crisitunity / May 29 2009 12:06 pm

    I didn’t see this until today. I’m sorry about the whole situation.

    thems the breaks. thanks!

  2. morethananelectrician / May 24 2009 9:01 pm

    The moving sucks, but it seems like you have a good negoiating position to get what you need. It looked like that after the sale, this was going to be inevitable…

    What a horrible chore.

  3. Scott / May 24 2009 4:15 am

    Must be rough! I have no wife, or ex-wife (I’ve always been very unlucky with women)And I have no children. After my parents kicked me out of our house, in Mobile, Alabama, I lived in one apartment after another, mostly alone (I never liked having roommates). The next-to-last apartment was in a Section-8 complex, which soon became a ghetto. From there, I moved to another Section-8 complex, in what I thought was a better part of town. Three days after moving there, my car was stolen from the parking lot.

    So I moved here, to my late-grandparents’ house in Pensacola, Florida (I had nowhere else to go). This is a nice, two-bedroom, two-bathroom, house, and I love it here! In the first two years (I moved here in March, 1998), I hated it. I felt so lonely, especially because I was surrounded by families in the other houses.
    Then, sometime in 2000, I miraculously realized how blessed I was–I had a whole house to myself! Thus my frightening loneliness changed to peaceful solitude–and I’ve felt that way, ever since!

  4. fawnahareo / May 22 2009 8:55 pm

    Oh no! I sincerely hope that the next house you find will be the perfect one.

  5. Christine / May 22 2009 8:53 pm

    Well that stinks. Are you staying up there? Didn’t you mention something about Four Corners…in your Craigslist post? er something? Maybe I’m making things up. 😳

    Oh no, we are staying. Yes we’ve known about having to move again for a while, and now that it’s almost here it’s on my mind…

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