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December 30, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Winter Things


I am currently writing to you from my semi-organized and warmish PERSONAL SPACE!  The new house has a special room just for me, where I can type, scrapbook, or sip coffee while surfing the ‘net.  It’s fabulous.  We had a nice Christmas, it was low-key and there wasn’t any traveling involved.  My husband gave me a necklace in my stocking, and before you ladies go all oooohey and aaaahey, this is the necklace I got:


I love it.  Of course I will never wear it.  It’s a joke because I really don’t do jewelry except on very rare occasions.  This is a necklace from the Target dollar bin.  The part he knew I would love is the fact that it is titled ‘Necklace.’  Thanks.  I thought it was a pooper scooper, or a coffee pot.  The label is helpful. 

Snow and fuzzy socks

I did get a load of socks from various people, presumable from a previous post about the pathetic state of my socks.  I am now free from the grasp of holey socks, which is great because I’ve been getting a LOT of snow in my shoes lately! 


That photo is an attempt at an artsy look at our tree and the lights reflected in the cold, cold window with the heaps of snow out there.  And since it was so cold, we made a fire and had some real hot chocolate.  Here we are laying on a sheepskin rug in front of a fire sipping hot chocolate during a cold Montana winter.  I’m not sure it gets better than this.



Oh, wait, yes it does!  We took my son sledding up at St. James Hospital in Butte (Great hospital for sledding…if you break a leg, try to fix it yourself rather than checking a room there).  The front of the hospital is a huge hill and a popular sledding spot for the locals.


I remember many happy winter days sledding down that hill in my orange toboggan.  Watching my son go down the very same hill I did when I was four was wild.  It was joy and nostalgia and happiness and sadness all at the same time.  The sadness part came from a flicker of a thought that we just don’t realize how fast time goes by when we are so little.  Boy, did he love cruising down that hill.


Just Like A Book…But Without the Brain Stimulation and Intelligence and the Paper Cuts

I do have to admit that I miss my regularly scheduled programming.  These last couple of weeks have been nothing but reruns.  It’s not a cool or a trendy thing to say you love TV.  It is way cooler to say you don’t own a TV, or you don’t watch TV at all.  I used to do that.  Then I happened upon some shows that I really, really like.  And I miss them, dammit!  I am looking forward to the new year for many reasons, and I Will Not Be Ashamed to admit that LOST and 24 are a couple of those reasons.  I figure it will be another six months or so before I have the time and energy to concentrate on a book.

Just one more day before my first post about Why I Joined The Marines goes up.  I hope you stick around for it. 

Happy New Year to all you readers and lurkers!  I hope some of you come out to comment this year.  I’ve met many great people via this blog and it’s been a great way to stay in touch with others.  Just go easy on the rotten tomatoes.  I’m sensitive these days. 




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  1. teeni / Jan 2 2009 3:30 pm

    Oh wow! Was that YOU in the pic under the tree? You are so adorable and so YOUNG! 🙂 I had to laugh about your necklace – that is something I’d get a kick out of too. One time when travelling, TGH and I came to a rocky cliff on a beach and the sign there said something along the lines of “Danger – Falling rocks are hazardous if swallowed.” We about died laughing over that one. You would have loved it. Wish I had thought to take a photo of it. Or maybe I did, I wonder. Will have to look and see.
    Anyway, I’m glad to see you had a nice relaxing holiday and I hope the new year brings all kinds of good things your way! Now, I can’t wait to go read your next post. **whooshes out the door, forgetting to close it behind her**

    Ha! Yes I would have liked that sign. I love “helpful” warning signs like that. I got a sample of pills from the doc last week and the pill box was covered in an ENORMOUS, i.e. took up the whole box graphic of the pill inside. It said **Not actual size. I laughed so hard…it would have had to have been eaten like a cookie.

  2. Allison / Jan 1 2009 4:40 pm

    I’m a little jealous about your toboggan situation…not willing to endure your winters to get it…but still a smidge jealous.

    It was hovering around 32 that day, so it was tolerable. The week before, there was a LOT of twenty belows going on…

  3. MamaPeg is Watching Out for You / Dec 31 2008 5:34 pm

    LOST is about the only show I watch. I like a few others but I rarely miss LOST and if I dom I’m on it the next day. The dude who writes the music for LOST is a former student. He’s hecka talented.

  4. rambleicious / Dec 31 2008 12:05 pm

    Fireplace and sledding – you’ve got an extra room and I can move in right? 😉

    Great photos!

    My son LOVES sleepovers, so you can have the top bunk.

  5. morethananelectrician / Dec 31 2008 11:18 am

    That could be a Hoola-Hoop for a gerbil.

    The only shows I watch regularly are Heroes and LOST and our house is anxiously waiting for Jan. 19 (I think). I am sure the first episode will just be a recap. They should have made a couple of recap weeks for everyone to get us back on track with the story.

    YES! They should do this. The writers strike has me all screwed up. I don’t even remember what the last ep was…was it the one with Locke in the coffin? And whats her face blondie in the shack with the invisible Jacob dude? Hmmm, maybe I remember more than I think…

  6. msmollie / Dec 31 2008 6:47 am

    Wow, that looks beautiful! We took Mags tubing last xmas up at Mt. Hood in Oregon, she loved every minute of it.
    I wish I didn’t hate being cold so much.

    I really think being cold gets harder the older you get. I don’t remember being so darn miserable when I was out there ice fishing as a kid. I faintly remember not being able to feel my legs…but I could accept it then. Today I can’t stand having to go outside to get the mail in the snow.

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