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August 24, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Bowling for Vegetables

I am typing this very slowly with one and a half hands.  My left hand is working properly but my right is malfunctioning severely.  Last week our team at work went bowling.  I usually avoid bowling at all costs, because I have a grand total of $150,000 worth of back surgeries to care for.  That, and I suck.  I’ll never forget the very first time I went bowling.  I had beginner’s luck, and got a strike my very first frame.  The second frame I managed to overconfidently knock down two lousy pins.  The rest of the game, I gutterballed it. 

That’s right, my first bowling score was a twelve. 

Anyway this time it wasn’t so bad because I was bowling with a large group of non-bowling champions, and by the third (round?  game?) we were bowling a warped version of the game: each frame had to be bowled creatively (hop on on foot, eyes closed, use the opposite hand, spin around three times then bowl, bowl backwards, etc.)  It was a lot of fun but my wrist is useless. 

This Saturday I went out to visit the gardens and bring home some food.  A few hours of food retrieval and my wrist was finished off for good.  Or so I thought, until I mowed the lawn tonight.  Now I am hoping that I can actually do my job tomorrow.  Typing this is a chore but I wanted to show some of the “Garden Bonanza” photos I took. We’ve been working on these gardens all summer. A lot of these plants were started back in March and April as little seed pods in my kitchen. Let me be the first to tell you I am not a pro gardener. I do not even get HGTV. My approach to growing things is:

1. Put seed in dirt
2. Water dirt.
a) Does something grow out of the dirt? Continue watering.
b) Does it still look like a pile of dirt after a few days? Let’s put a bird feeder here.

As amateur as I am at this whole wanna-be farming crap, I really do enjoy it. I think the food tastes better, especially fruits like apples and tomatoes. I also like the fact that my kids will know where food comes from. I will most definitely not get food poisoning from tainted food out of my own garden. Lastly, it will save some cash. I won’t have to buy a vegetable all winter, unless it’s something I didn’t manage to freeze. That is, unless our electricity goes out and the freezer melts. That would totally suck. That is the kind of thing that would make me cry and never garden again. I like freezing food. It’s easy, and it’s faster than canning/jarring.

But since my wrist hurts, I am going to post a bunch of photos instead of typing more:


Here is some broccoli that really needs to get eaten


Giant pumpkin in progress. I bought these seeds for AJ called "Giant Pumpkin." They can grow to be over 1000 pounds in some climates (probably not this one).




Apple. AJ ate three or four of these and didn


Watermelon has a ways to go...

yellow bird

I tried hard to get a shot of this goldfinch


Tomatoes are going crazy!


These marble sized tomatoes are like candy


Corn in progress


Ladybug and ant war on a flower

the haul

A good haul for the day

sunset 8/23/08

On the way back home, the sunset behind us was great...but since I was driving I could only manage a rear view mirror shot.

Well that’s what I did this weekend. The day after involved a lot of washing, chopping, blanching, freezing, drying, packaging, and cooking.

Next spring and summer we are going to attempt chickens. That’s right, chickens. I want fresh eggs. I also want a fresh chicken now and then. If that goes well, the year after we’re going to raise our own Thanksgiving turkey. Hopefully my wrist will be better come neck-chopping time. I better go wrap it now.

I promise my next post won’t be so freakin’ domesticamicated.



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  1. Christine / Aug 26 2008 8:08 pm

    Meat chickens are different than egg laying chickens. Different breeds that is…

    You can ask me chicken questions next year. 😉

  2. wpm1955 / Aug 26 2008 4:22 pm

    Wow, I loved your beautiful garden photos!

    Madame Monet
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  3. Allison / Aug 26 2008 3:40 am

    I love it when I can mooch home-grown garden items from friends and co-workers. My goal is to grow tomatoes someday. Big, juicy tomatoes. The store ones can’t compare.

    I love the picture of the lady bug and the ant!

  4. Carli / Aug 25 2008 8:09 pm

    i can’t see your photos either. waah! I’ve managed to produce some pomagranates this year, but they have a bunch of brown spots on them (despite spraying them with bug/fungus killer) and the darned things won’t ripen. I’ve got oranges and lemons too. But that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t see your pictures.

    I don’t have any oranges or lemons. I am sorry you can’t see my pictures. Not sure what the deal is there.

  5. Miss Virtual Reality / Aug 25 2008 11:46 am

    Sorry about your hand, beautiful photos though.

    I do think that home grown tomatoes are better!

  6. bluesuit12 / Aug 25 2008 8:06 am

    The vegetables look awesome! I’m jealous and wish I had some land to start a garden. Sorry about your wrist! Though I love bowling and even took it in college for kicks. It might be one of the only games I don’t mind playing with people I don’t know or in front of guys.

  7. crisitunity / Aug 25 2008 6:02 am

    Sounds like you have some pretty cool co-workers. Sorry you’re in pain.

    Those veggies are GORGEOUS! Me and my brown thumb are envious. But I’m unclear on why this garden has to be driven to from your house. Is it like a communal garden where different families have plots?

    My brother and I share a piece of land about 50 miles from where I live. My dad lives on the land and takes care of it. He built himself a cabin out of spare wood and some salvaged windows. The land used to be my parents – they bought it in 1981 for $5000. Then when they got divorced they put it in their kids’ names. Which makes it interesting since my brother and I don’t really speak a lot. Someday I want to live out there and build a house but that would be a heck of a commute at the moment.

  8. david / Aug 24 2008 11:09 pm

    1. Broccoli is evil. Don’t eat it — the more you eat, the evil-er you become.

    2. The goldfinch shot is awesome (thanks for sharing it!)!

    Thanks for the tip about the broccoli. I will give it to my children instead. 🙂

  9. fawnahareo / Aug 24 2008 10:43 pm

    I can’t see the pictures. 😦 I wonder if this is another Vista bug. Boo!

    Anyway, I am floored by the fact that you have produced so much produce in your garden on your first attempt that you think you’ll have enough for the whole winter. That’s incredible!

    Hope your hand gets better soon. Nothing like a bit of a hand injury to remind you of exactly just how ambidextrous you are. Or not.

    BTW, no matter how much you suck at bowling, I bet I suck more.

    Oh noooo! Can you right click and “show picture”? I had to revert back to XP recently. Maybe you can see them today.

    Montana has great dirt for making potatoes, carrots and onions. I foresee a lot of stew. 🙂 Also the greenhouse has helped a lot. If it stays nice for three more weeks, then we will add corn to the freezer.

  10. teeni / Aug 24 2008 9:08 pm

    Aww, sorry about the hand. Your photos are fabulous! Seriously. Where are you located – the photo with the goldfinch had such beautiful scenery in the background. Your garden seems to be doing well. I’m jealous. I sooo want my own chickens too. But I doubt that will happen in my postage stamp sized yard. 😉 So I’ll look forward to seeing yours if you get some.

    We’re in Southwest Montana. The garden itself is in Madison County but that kind of scenery is everywhere in Western MT. I will post chickens next year so that everyone can enjoy in the virtual chickens.

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