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July 25, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Daily Operating Procedures…now with photos!

I just love to read about the life and times of Pammy Girl, so imagine my surprise when I checked in today and discovered I’ve been tagged by her with a very important assignment.  This is extremely exciting to me because I usually have to go steal tags from other bloggers.  So thanks!  And here are the rules of this up-close and a little bit personal challenge… 

Go around your house with the following list and take pictures AS IS (no cleaning, no tidying up).  Ugh, I thought.  But here goes anyway…enjoy the peek into my small and unkempt world.


I guess the angle here is important.  If I could take a couple of steps back you would see that there is a huge pink blanket and an infant play contraption directly below.  The photo on the wall is Wasband’s.  If you like photography on your walls you should go see his web site.  I do like to keep the living room as clean as I can, just for sanity’s sake.  If you look closely at the couch you can see some toy cars hiding. 


We don’t have a real laundry room anymore since we moved.  Here is a closet-like washer and dryer area.  One thing I like about this setup: it forces me to do laundry because if I do not complete the folding process, we will be unable to access two bedrooms in the house.  When I had a laundry room it would take me forever to get clothes washed.  We are those people who go buy a new package of socks instead of breaking down and doing laundry.  Or I guess we were those people…now we just suck it up and do the laundry.  Also I like the stackable set up.  I thought I would hate it, but nowadays they make really nice full size stackables.  Incidentally, this is the same washer that flooded the entire downstairs thanks to Lowe’s.  You reading, Lowe’s?  I plan on bringing that up every chance I get. 

Oh, because we don’t have a laundry room, we fold the clothes in the hallway.  The pile of laundry to be folded is usually a LOT bigger than this.  Just look at all those dryer sheets.  I love the smell of dryer sheets.  Are you thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of green, are they Irish?”  I’m not Irish at all but you are seeing two of three kelly green Guinness t-shirts that we have.  We do not remember how we got three kelly green Guinness t-shirts, but if you see us wearing them a few days in a row it’s not because they are dirty.  We just have three of them.  And see the beige towels?  All of our towels are this color.  It’s really boring and sometimes I want to go out and get some electric blue towels, or maybe even a nice lavender, just to spice it up a bit.  But then I think, “but we have about thirty beige towels, we don’t need any more towels…besides, they will just end up in this pile for me to fold.” 

This is the upstairs hallway.  Did it ever cross your mind that these kind of meme’s are started by catburglars who want to get the layout of your house memorized, or am I just running wild with my imagination again?


Cripes alive, here is my kitchen sink.  You will notice that the left side of the sink is essentially a baby-care assembly line.  Bottles and stuff go here for about a year.  If you have not had children yet, and you plan to, and you like a really organized kitchen, stop dreaming now.

I am proud of my basil plant that is on the windowsill.  You may notice my night-light.  I have night lights in almost every room.  This drives Wasband nuts.  I need them so I remember where I am if I wake up at night.  I have vivid dreams and sometimes I wake up 100% sure I am somewhere else in a different year all together. ..actually, I just trip over everything within 100 feet so light is good. 


Prepare to be underwhelmed.  Here is my closet, also known as “Home Of T-Shirts and Sweatshirts.”  I never keep a lot of clothes, most of them go to Goodwill once I lose interest.  I do have my sweaters up there on top in a bag.  I love me some sweaters.  God, I’m a nerd.  I even liked Colin Firth’s reindeer sweater in Love, Actually.  I plan on busting open that bag at the very first sign of fall. 

Everyone else who did this challenge has shown you a helicopter view of the inside of their toilet, but I am sorry to tell you I cannot bring myself to do this.  I have a hard water stain in there that I haven’t pumice-stoned out yet and I don’t want you to think it’s something else.  But instead here is a shot into my bathroom from the door.  Ladies, see that pile in the bottom left?  That’s my hubby’s underwear.  He is going to kill me that I wrote that.  But I wanted all you single gals out there to see what you are missing.  What are you waiting for?  Run out and get one, now!  In all fairness, he is out there in the 92 degree weather mowing the lawn.  Score!


I don’t know what to say about my fridge.  It’s full of condiments and feta cheese and big jars of pickles.  That green stuff on the top shelf is actually lettuce.  The giant package of tortillas is expired.  I wish that tortillas kept longer.  I have about seven types of salad dressing but I only use one (Ken’s Steakhouse Caesar…it’s really good.)


I used to be the shoe girl.  When I waited tables, I wore a different pair every night.  I loved, loved, loved shoes.  I had all kinds of shoes…somewhere around eighty pairs.  Then for other reasons, I had three back surgeries before I was 26, including a fusion.  Today, all of my shoes can be seen in this photo…and they aren’t even all mine.  Now do you see the black shoes on the left?  See the pair with the bigger heel, and then the single clog?  These are the two different shoes I wore at the same time for a long time before noticing.  This kind of things happen when you can’t wear fun shoes anymore…you become shoe-depressed and you stop noticing things like footwear.  So ladies with shoes, please look extra-lovingly at your shoe collection tonight before you go to sleep.  You never know when it will be your last pair.


Here are my two tots.  The baby has a weird look on her face, that’s the kind of look that I have in pictures when I don’t realize someone is snapping a photo. 

My son has a Spiderman temporary tattoo on his arm that he got at my company’s picnic last night.  He really likes it.  During his bath tonight he held his right arm up and out of the water the entire time so it didn’t “get wet and fall off.” 


Try, try again.  That is what I had to do to get these little gems, and I think it’s an appropriate way to end this post.  Now you all know way, way too much about me.


I guess I can’t end without asking the next victims to play.  I really want to tag Crisitunity…but please don’t feel obligated because I know you are a Secret Blogger.  Or do it and skip the self-portrait?  Or just tell me to bug off…I can take it.  (Perhaps you can just show off your yoga mat?)  I would love to assign this to Cherikooka because you would really dig her life and her house.  I would also like to tag Allison…if she hasn’t been already. 

Now go, and please forget you ever saw my bathroom.



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  1. cherikooka / Jul 29 2008 11:04 am

    I am soooo doing this when I get home tonight. I hope Kegan has cleaned his mess first though.

  2. bluesuit12 / Jul 28 2008 7:47 am

    How I love, love these kinds of blogs! Thanks for the peek into your life.

  3. romi41 / Jul 27 2008 8:48 pm much did I LOVE this insight into your world?!?!?! It also saddens me how tortillas bail on you long before you think they would, and oh my gosh, you wore different shoes at once?!?!? I just wanna hug you!! 😉

    PS: your tots are super-cute in the “I wanna kidnap ’em” kinda way (but I promise I won’t ’cause my crazyness is all channeled towards men at the moment 😉 )

    PPS: you’re purrreetty 😉

  4. smalltownsmalltimes / Jul 27 2008 12:46 pm

    This was a fun little visit to your house. I’ve forgotten about all that’s required in the baby phase. I’m so glad not to wash any more bottles.

    Thanks for having me over!

    It’s funny how teeny babies require forty tons of equipment and the equipment pile shrinks as the babies get bigger…thank goodness for that!

  5. morethananelectrician / Jul 26 2008 12:25 pm

    The kitchen makes me laugh…just when we pack this stuff up and get our kitchen back, out pops another kid…

    Oh goodness…I hope the two activities aren’t related…I think I will just leave that stuff on the countertop forever, just in case.

  6. fawnahareo / Jul 26 2008 11:14 am

    Some of the blogs I read have been taking part in a “Real Life” blog festival in which they all complain about the state of their houses, even though they look perfectly acceptable. Yours too. It makes me feel worse and worse about the state of MY house. *sigh* I dearly hope that once the workshop/shed/greenhouse is built, the house will assume some kind of order…

    Oh now don’t feel WORSE. If it makes you feel better, the camera cannot possibly pick up the fossilized macaroni and cheese that coats the floor directly under my son’s seat at the kitchen table. There is something to be said about storage space.

  7. crisitunity / Jul 26 2008 5:35 am

    I will do a super-modified version of this tag sometime this weekend, and take pictures of some of my things. I am paranoid about someone recognizing my house. Which is a shame, because I love showing off my house. 🙂

  8. pikespeakdenise / Jul 25 2008 10:12 pm

    Your place still has the newly moved in neatness! Wait, your place was always pretty darn neat. Dang. I need a cleaning lady.

    It goes to show that neatness is in the eye of the beholder. And if I had been tagged on this a day earlier, you may have been shocked at the height of the laundry pile…

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