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July 7, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky


Our Fourth of July tradition is to spend the holiday in Butte, Montana, where fireworks are going up no matter what, and where you can always count on a good (albeit long) parade.  Did I ever talk about Butte’s fireworks before?  The people who run parades and whatnot for the whole town (think Fun Committee on a large scale) is called Butte Celebrations.  A few years back, someone at Butte Celebrations got caught stealing all the money.  I think the correct criminal term is “embezzled.”  After an investigation, I think the alleged crime was reduced to “mishandled funds.”  Either way, the upcoming Fourth of July was in danger of being as poppin’ as a wet cigarette. 

Butte is a town that likes its explosives, and a grassroots effort came together to ensure that the fireworks money would be there.  Though you can drive down almost any street in Butte and see roofs in dire need of repair, siding that is holding on with bubble gum and duct tape, and the casinos are full of white-haired ladies puffing on menthols, the town managed to raise $70,000 in about a week to ensure that the show would go on. 

Perhaps this kind of spirit is what led Barack Obama to spend the Fourth of July in Butte this year.  Now I’m not sure who I am voting for this year…in fact, I am tempted to join in Cherikooka’s wily idea:  write in Chuck Norris.  But having Obama in Butte added a little something to the holiday.  Lots of the parade participants stopped to sing Malia Obama “Happy Birthday” and that was pretty cool.  She liked it too, according to this story.  Maybe she’s sick of fancy hotels. 

Have you noticed that it’s impossible to turn on the television without seeing a Barack ad?  The man has money.  I do appreciate his commercials though, for he does not mudsling, badmouth, drag people through the dirt.  His clean campaign tactics ba-ROCK if you ask me.  Anyway, my son has started yelling out “BARACKOBAMA” at the most inopportune times.  Sometimes he shortens it to a quicker “ROCKOBAMA!”  This phrase comes up, out of the blue, in places like:

  • My team picnic amongst a bunch of coworkers, who now look at me like I’m a democrat
  • The grocery store
  • My mom’s house (She’s voting for McCain)
  • At preschool

So when we told 3 1/2 year old AJ that Rockobama was going to be in Butte’s parade, he jumped up and down like we were going to Chuck E Cheese. 

Long story short:  after 2 hours of cheesy floats, local politicians, line dancers, and the annual Pirate Bus, we all got to shake Mr. Obama’s hand.  And AJ got a photo with him:

Now where is this Rockobama.  I hope it's like a sparkler.

Now where is this Rockobama? I hope its like a sparkler.

Excuse me sir, move.  I'm waiting for the Rockobama.

Excuse me sir...move. I need to see the Rockobama.

Hey buddy, how ya doing?

B. Obama said: Hey ya doing?

Mom, I thought you said there'd be a Rockobama.

Mom...I thought you said a Rockobama would be here!

Though I think that AJ was a bit disappointed (THAT was a Rockobama?!), he will someday appreciate this photo.  Especially if someday it is a picture with President Rockobama.


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  1. Carli / Jul 9 2008 6:57 am

    I still think it would have been cooler to have them dressed up like James Bond. They’d look much more indimidating. In their current attire, they appear to be no match for my kung fu techniques. I fear I’m wrong about that though

  2. maleesha / Jul 8 2008 8:23 pm

    Bodyguards? Those are secret service dudes, and since “secret” is in the name that is why they have to look like chess players. But go ahead, make a move, they dare you. You’ll be upside down getting wailed on by Jack Bauer in a drippy dungeon before you can say “Bobby Kennedy.” 😉

  3. Carli / Jul 8 2008 4:14 pm

    hahaha…too cute! Although i was expecting his bodyguards to be wearing black suits and be a bit more buff. At least they’ve got the appropriate sunglasses on…Mr. Anderson.

  4. cherikooka / Jul 8 2008 12:31 pm


  5. bluesuit12 / Jul 8 2008 7:00 am

    I don’t know who I’m voting for either but that’s pretty cool to get your pic taken with a presidential candidate. And no matter who wins the election, your son will appreciate the picture as he gets older.

  6. bookbabie / Jul 8 2008 6:10 am

    Wow, that is so cool to be that close to a possible future president!

  7. Allison / Jul 8 2008 4:59 am

    That is fantastic. I’m not sure who I’m going to vote for either, but I know that I would be excited to meet either presidential candidate in person. How cool is that picture!?

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