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May 5, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky

The Agony of “The Corner”

I see nothing wrong with a good, old fashion spanking.  However, spankings don’t seem to work on all children.  Take mine, for example.  AJ is a mini-adult, and he will be the first to remind you of this.  Spankings are completely and totally ineffective on him.  In fact, they veer toward the counterproductive.  Spankings make him angry and apt to spank you right back. 

Enter “the corner.” 

I was a “spanked kid.”  I won’t say they worked on me, come to think of it, they just made me realize the sheer importance of ingenuity…figuring out new and clever ways to not get caught.  I also don’t think I’m neurotic or angsty due to those spankin’s, either.  I don’t think that spankings have long-lasting ill effects (as long as they were just some butt-whacks, mind you).  When we made a major offense, such as the telling of a lie, we even got The Belt. 

AJ gets The Corner. 

Who would have thought that a child could wail like a fire engine at the mention of The Corner.  We simply found the dullest corner in the house.  Nothing interesting to look at.  No possible way of entertaining himself.  And when he’s naughty, The Corner is where he gets to stand.  I must say The Corner is a hundred times more effective than a spanking, in AJ’s case.

But I’m afraid the neighbors will hear his screams and think we’re doing something worse!  It’s just The Corner, I promise. 

He’s really a good kid.  And we have The Corner on our side when he’s not.  😀



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  1. Allison / May 9 2008 1:22 am

    I’m not much of a spanking person myself (though I was spanked a handful of times as a child, and suffered no trauma from it).

    We use a very boring room. Imp wails as well. My favorite part is that the room’s closet is actually filled with her out-of-rotation toys. She knows that, but seems to be too caught up in her agony to open the closet and play.

  2. cherikooka / May 6 2008 3:50 pm

    You know how I hate spankings. They were ineffective on Kegan too.

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