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March 20, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Lowe’s “Professional Installation”

We’re renting a really nice house in Bozeman, Montana.  I haven’t been a renter for a long time.  Though it’s a rental, we had to buy our own refrigerator and washer/dryer since the landlords built a new home down the street and took theirs with them. 

So a friend of mine recommended that I go to Lowe’s, because of their great service and low(e) prices.  I took her advice and we went shopping.  Here is a summary of our experience:

Day 1:  We go to Lowe’s in Bozeman.  The nicest salesman ever helps us choose a refrigerator and a washer and dryer.  He is so good that he helps us find a discontinued refrigerator that is brand new in the box, but because it’s an ’07 model, it’s $560 dollars instead of the ’08 model, which runs about $1400.  We love the sales guy. 

Day 3: The refrigerator delivery guy calls and says he won’t deliver the refrigerator because there is an “enormous gash” on the side.  He suggests we come into the store to look at it and be sure we still want to buy it.  I need a refrigerator right now.  We head to Lowe’s.  The gash really isn’t that bad, a little dent really, and there isn’t any internal damage to the refrigerator.  I ask when it can be delivered.  The really nice sales guy isn’t sure, since it missed the journey this morning.  I freak out.  I have two kids.  I need a refrigerator, like now.  Sales guy nods sympathetically and sees what he can do.

Refrigerator delivery truck is there by 11 AM!  I am totally impressed with sales guy.  Truck happily backs into driveway, slowly, slowly…husband starts shouting frantically!  STOP! STOP!  NO!  Refrigerator truck backs into porch roof and tears an enormous gash into the roof.  Not a little dent, an enormous gash.  I educate delivery guy on the true meaning of “enormous gash.” 

I call really nice landlord lady and apologize.  She is really cool about things, considering her new renters have somehow resulted in an enormous gash in her expensive house.  “These things happen,” she chirps cheerfully.  She calls Lowe’s to take care of the problem. 

Day 4:  Noon.  Delivery guys (the same ones) show up with washer and dryer.  They bring washer and dryer upstairs and install.  Lowe’s website talks about their professional installation several times, and that is what these guys are doing.  We’re certain of it. 

Lowe’s delivery guys pack and up and go home.  We are thrilled to start our first load of laundry, because the laundry pile has been growing over the past week. 

1 PM – Shouting comes from the kitchen downstairs: “Shut it off!  Shut it off!”  Shut what off, I wonder?  “It’s leaking!!!!” I walk out from a phone call in progress to be greeted by a big effing soapy mess.  Water is everywhere.  Luckily we purchased a really nice washing machine, so there is a pause button.  I paused the crisis and ran downstairs.  Water is pouring out of the electrical fixtures in the ceiling. 

I call Lowe’s and tell them about their latest fiasco caused by Tweedledee and Tweedledum, their Professional Installation guys.  The manager on duty chuckles in a “Wow, this sort of thing never happens” sort of way.  I ask him if he would send somebody else.   Anybody else.  Is Pee Wee Herman on duty?  Send him, he’ll do a better job. “Well, we only have so many delivery guys,” he explains.  He must be able to see my head spinning through the phone, because he adds, “I’ll make sure someone else gets there.”

The Lowe’s “delivery manager” is here now, fixing the washer and dryer.  It turns out that one of those chuckleheads just failed to hook up the drain…you know, the pipe that funnels the dirty, soapy water out of the washer?  Yeah, that was just hanging there like an extra leg.  An extra dirty, soapy leg.  I wrote Lowe’s a nice letter demanding they come out and make sure toxic mold doesn’t grow in the ceiling and hurt my children.  I am also typing this blog.  And I am also never shopping there again, even though they have a really nice sales guy.  Sorry dude. 

Lowe’s sucks.



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  1. maleesha / Mar 26 2008 6:13 am

    I do! When I heard we needed “stackable” washer and dryer for this house, I was worried. Stackable says “cheap, small apartment with roaches” to my refined appliance taste. But I was happy to learn they are making high quality stackables that are actually full-size, and can be stacked with a kit! If only they would be hooked up again. Correctly, of course.

  2. Allison / Mar 24 2008 4:49 pm

    Wow, that’s horrible. Really horrible. I don’t install appliances for a living, but I think I would have noticed something hanging there like an open (soapy) leg. Sheesh.

    I hope you at least end up happy with your new appliances.

  3. cherikooka / Mar 20 2008 3:51 pm

    Just for the record….I never had anything installed (I do it myself because I don’t trust anyone) by them, I just buy their stuff. I wish I would have been there! Holy Shnike!


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