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February 29, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky

And the furniture chased me…

Dreams are no laughing matter to a little kid.  They’re just as real as breakfast.  I’m not sure how long it takes little kids to figure out that dreams are only dreams, and that they vaporize when the sun comes up. 

This is the first post in a series of Weird Things I Remember.  I need to get them out into my blog, the only therapy I will ever succumb to. 

One of the earliest dreams I remember having is that of the furniture chasing me. 

The dream would start as if I was waking up from bed.  I would open my eyes, probably rub them, and sit up.  The problem was that a chair would be sitting by the side of the bed.  The seat of the chair had been transformed into a hungry mouth.  I would jump off the other side of the bed to run, but the toy box had also becoming a menacing, chomping beast.  I would run out of the room into the kitchen.  All the furniture was chasing me.  The circular door on the washing machine was a mouth.  The stove in the kitchen was pulling itself off the wall in effort to get me.  I had no choice but to leap on top of the table, the only piece of furniture without a mouth.  Unfortunately the table would inevitably start wobbling and hopping on its four legs and attempt to throw me into a doorway.  At this point, the door itself became a mouth. 

Then I would wake up.

I had this dream a LOT as a three year old.  I still remember it vividly.  Disturbing, no?   


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  1. pikespeakdenise / Mar 1 2008 7:36 am


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