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February 27, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Ten Year Reunion

I never did write about my ten year high school reunion.  Not sure why I didn’t.  Perhaps I have just finished analyzing it two years later.  Two!  I can’t believe two years have already passed since the reunion.  That means only eight more until the 20th.  Freaky. 

Carli and I had a deal that we would both have to go to the reunion.  We both dreaded the idea for a long time.  Coming from a town with one school district, we had known the people we graduated with since we were all playing hopscotch in kindergarten.  Why on earth would we want to go back?  Wasn’t eighteen years in the same town enough, already?  So we planned to boycott the reunion for years.  But then the invitations went out.  We changed our mind.  It could be fun to go to the reunion.  We could see if the cheerleaders got fat? (Nope, at least none that showed up, darn it all)  We could see who went to jail (G. did.  Not sure for what.)  Who had four kids?  (Becky S.) Who got rich? (Nick K. did…though he didn’t make the reunion) 

We had grand plans to show up Romy and Michelle style, but those plans went away since we realized we’re actually far better off than Romy and Michelle ever were.  No need to claim Post-Its.  Anyway, Carli came really close to not being able to go, because she was still in the iron jaws of medical residency, but she got a ticket at the last minute and met me in Butte, Montana.

So the first thing on the reunion’s agenda was to meet at the Met Tavern.  That’s just what you do at high school reunions in Butte.  I had a strange sense of….strangeness walking in.  I saw many people I recognized but they were the adult versions of themselves instead of the same people I remembered.  I only kept in touch with one person from high school (Carli) so the sense of time-warping was stronger than if I had seen these people age.  “Age” isn’t really an appropriate term, since ten years seemed to improve everyone.  Maybe “clean up” is the phrase I am looking for.  These people could have looked at home in suits and UPS uniforms and behind office desks, etc. 

So as soon as I spotted certain people I had funny memories come back.  Erin M. was the first person I saw in the Met, and I immediately remembered sitting by her on the chair lift at Discovery Basin on a third-grade field trip.  Then I spotted Dawn C., who was always the tallest, and I remembered an elementary school sleepover.  Later during the weekend, someone conned Pauline G. into showing up (they had to lie to get her there…ha! but since she lives there she could) and it was great to see her too.  My very first sleepover, ever, was at Pauline G.’s house.  I still have a scar on my knee from that sleepover.  There was a park across the street from her house, and I was on the merry-go-round holding on for dear life as Pauline’s older brother pushed it as fast as he could…G-forces threw me off the merry-go-round and into the gravel.  Pauline’s mom dumped some iodine into it and put a band-aid on.  I wanted to go home. 

Keli H. was there too and I remembered the 6th grade “Pentathlon” and as the top Whittier Elementary athletes, I thought of our race to the finish…it was neck and neck.  I won’t tell you who won.  Eric R. was there too, and I thought of the time he rode his bike past my house the year we were in 5th grade.  He’s a detective in Idaho nowadays. 

Another person that I enjoyed talking to was Jenn F., who is one of the funniest people on earth.  And I can’t forget Wasband G. who brought his big-city dancing skills back to Butte.  Or Christian M., who is in the Army now, and either in Germany or Iraq, but wherever it is it isn’t home.  Freddy K. was there, and I have to mention him because I spent most of my school years placed alphabetically next to him.  I also had a good time sitting with Erin S. and Cartie at the Met.  I know I’m going to forget to mention someone I should mention.     

Lori C. was there, and she is married to another person we graduated with, Clayton M.  They live an adventurous life overseas as highly educated teachers.  Someone (initial M.) was there and he showed up really drunk at the dinner and made a huge, high-schoolesque scene, to include a very dramatic walkout.  I was actually surprised there weren’t more drunken scenes.  We did have a pit bull fight though, outside the Met that first night.  The always wonderful and beguiling Mitzi had a lot to do with that.  But I guess if you can’t have a lot of drunken scenes, a pit bill fight will do nicely.

Some of the people who didn’t make it I later Googled and gathered data on.  The big jock from high school, who all the girls swooned over, recently got married.  He went on to play baseball for the minor leagues, not sure if he still does.  I will tell you though, from his wedding photos, that he is prematurely bald.  Still lookin’ good though.

Nick K., who I already mentioned, went on to become a New York City lawyer.  This was a surprise.  I’ll always remember him in semi-hippie attire, with long, mussed hair.  He was brilliant though so it’s not surprising that he could become a lawyer, I’m just shocked he did.  Joslyn H. also became a lawyer but she wasn’t at the reunion.  I would have liked to talk to her and see where she ended up.   

Some of the people I wanted to see the most didn’t show up.  My favorite person from high school, Theresa M., is still rumored to be in Butte but I never seem to make the time or effort to call when I am back in town.  I really should.  I don’t know why I haven’t yet.  Renee B. didn’t make it.  I hear she lives in North Dakota.  I am dying to know why this is.  Becky H., who I am pretty sure peruses this blog every now and then, needs to be at the 20th.  We played the leads in the female version of The Odd Couple senior year.  We were on more than one cover of Time Out! together.  So if you are hesistant about going to your reunion, just do it.  It will be more fun than you think.  Even if you hated high school. 

Which I did. 



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  1. Issac Maez / Feb 19 2010 7:20 pm

    Hey, just thought I would drop a comment to let you know that your site took a little while to load… are you using a caching plugin? I don’t know if they have any chaching plugins for Blog Engine, but I know they do for WordPress and it makes my WordPress sites load A LOT faster! Maybe it was just my net though, check the webmasters tools and see what it says the load time is.

  2. Eric R. / Aug 20 2008 12:27 pm

    I never thought I would want to attend any of our reunions, but I wanted to go to see people I had fond memories of. You were one of them. I remember sneaking out to meet you and Renee on many occasions. Those are some of the best memories I have of my adolescenet years. I hope to see you at the twentieth, so we can reminisce.

    I’m so glad you commented on here! I remember those days fondly. I think it took about three years before I got caught sneaking out all the time. Those were the days. I will definitely be at the 20th. I thought the 10th was great but I wish more people would have gone too. I do wonder what happened to Renee.

    Hi mom. Hi dad.

  3. Allison / Feb 27 2008 10:59 am

    My 10-year reunion was 4 years ago. I actually ran into the class president months before the reunion was to take place. I gave her my new name and address and asked to be invited. I never received an invitation and had heard that the class president was going through a divorce and probably wasn’t going to plan one. I later ran into somebody else I graduated with and he told me that there had been a reunion and that an ad had been placed in my local paper for it in lieu of invitations. My hometown is very tiny…I can’t imagine its newspaper being an effective means of communication to the graduates. Anyway, my point is that I didn’t even know about the reunion so I didn’t have the opportunity to attend.

    I suspect there were several drunken fights.

    I didn’t like high school either.

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