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February 4, 2008 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Sports Nonoisseur

An unintended side effect of growing up in Montana is my complete disinterest in sports teams.  For you see, Montana has no sports teams.  We used to have Copper Kings baseball in Butte, a “frontier league” franchise once owned by Bill Murray, but even that has gone the way of the dodo bird.  Sure, there are little teams of some sort or another here and there, hockey and whatnot, but nothing you’ll ever see on ESPN.  There are your odd ball Montanans that somehow forged roots in another state…maybe their Aunt Sheryl lives in Seattle, so they root for the Seahawks.  My parents are from the Dairy State, and my mom is an insane Packers fan…she even has an embarrasingly yellow and green jacket to prove it.  Me, I just don’t care.  I wish I did, because I am no fun at SuperBowl parties.  

But lately I have been watching a lot of sports.  I am a little embarrased about it, actually.  I watched the entire world series, and I was pretty sure it was because the Rockies were playing.  But I found myself turning the channel to the SuperBowl Pregame show (hosted by Ryan Seacrest…barf) yesterday, all by myself.  And then I found myself watching the game.  I’m telling myself that it was because nothing else was on, (although the Puppy Bowl was on, mind you) but then when there was only 39 seconds to go, and the Giants made that last touchdown, I actually felt happy.  And I might have even winced in hope a little bit, moving my arms slightly up in a modified, toned-down sort of cheer.  I really hope Wasband didn’t notice, because I kind of like having a noncomittal attitude toward all sports.  I don’t want to blow my cover. 

I am all for the underdog, and pretty much everyone assumed the undefeated Patriots were going to win.  But since I really don’t have any team loyalty at all, I felt pretty bad for Mr. Belichick when he talked to the reporters about what went wrong.  I mean, he couldn’t even look up off the ground.  That must just suck.  But then they’d flash over to the Giants locker room, where champagne and confetti and feelings of elation were actually coming through the television screen and messing up my living room…and then I was happy again.

Then I was even more happy, because House came on, and featured Antarctica. 

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  1. Allison / Feb 4 2008 11:59 am

    I don’t follow sports at all. This drives my husband crazy, to no avail. I sat in the living room with him yesterday because I felt like I should be watching to Super Bowl or at least the commercials (I was secretly writing a blog in my head.) He compromised a bit though and let me watch part of a Gilmore Girls episode care of DVD during the hafttime show.

    I too found myself actually feeling a little excited about the ending. I like pulling for an under-dog…plus…I’m told that I’m should dislike the Patriots because I’m from Indiana and Colts people don’t like Patriots. In any event, it wasn’t a bad evening.

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