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December 10, 2007 / Maleesha Kovnesky


According to the stats provided by WordPress…someone found my website by searching Google for “leg pains and heart palpitations.” 

Dude/dudette – get thee to a medical provider!  If you are having heart palpitations, you should not be on Google!

 Hopefully you are insured…

In other news, I am having palpitations of the Christmas spirit. 

I was all Christmas-y, yes indeedy.  Now I feel more like Scrooge.  I usually write notes to people in Christmas cards to personalize them.  This year I did no such thing.  So why bother to send them at all? 

I did put photos of AJ in them, at least as many as I had to go around.  And we all signed them, even AJ signed the cards this year, with a pen.  Stamped, non-signed cards are the lamest of the lame (and if you send me a card, stamped and everything, I promise I still like you.  I just think you are lazy when it comes to Christmas cards.  Heck, why don’t you just e-card everyone?  Al Gore would want you to.)

Also, a week’s worth of shootings around the country has got me down.  Yesterday’s shootings in Colorado were really close to home.  I guess I could choose to be desensitized like many people seem to be, but I just don’t see that happening. 

When we are all completely, totally, 100% desensitized to the crap we see on the news, then we are really in trouble, don’t you think? 


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  1. ianthealy / Dec 10 2007 6:49 pm

    When I first heard about the shootings (while watching the Bronco game, in point of fact), my first thoughts were of all the people I know down in the Springs and hoping all of them were okay.


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