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November 26, 2007 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Those Cadillac Commercials

I don’t know about you, but if we were playing “Word Association” and you said “Cadillac”…the first thing that would pop into my head would be the image of an old man’s hat, hovering halfway over the dashboard of a slow-moving vehicle, the vehicle pulling out onto a busy road right in front of my oncoming car. 

There are a few Cadillac commercials on TV right now…you may have seen them…they all have the same message (buy a Cadillac because they are so hot).  One features Kate Walsh of Private Practice.  These commercials were designed to reverse the image of the hat-wearing old man, I think. 

One of the Cadillac commercials features a wealthy looking woman in a white dress, zipping down a road at night, whining about the Christmas presents her husband had given her in past years, such as a pool table and golf clubs.  “This year he let me pick my own present,” she says, nodding to the Cadillac’s luxurious leather upholstery.  The next thing we see is the rear end of the Cadillac, speeding away into the night. 

Who the frick buys a Cadillac for a Christmas present?  What small percentage of Americans are these ads targeted to?  How do you sneak the Cadillac under the tree?  It seems rather voluminous.  

Of course the Cadillacs aren’t the first cars to appear in commercials during the holiday season.  I just wonder about the logistics of buying a car for a gift.  I mean, come on.  First of all, if you could purchase a vehicle as a gift, you couldn’t do it as a surprise.  You know you would get the wrong color, or the wrong options, possibly the wrong vehicle altogether.  If you were going to buy a car for your spouse, you better not do it as a surprise, because when they find out you dropped a few grand as a down payment without asking, they are going to be pissed.  So clearly purchasing a car for Christmas can’t really be a surprise…you would have to precoordinate with your significant other, have them sign some paperwork, and so on.  

I just question the whole idea of vehicles for Christmas.  What planet are these people living on?  Most people I know are looking for deeply discounted, foreign made electronics and plastic crap for their children.  I have a hard time buying into the Cadillac commercials as having anything to do with reality.  However I will admit they have catchy music and interesting videography.   



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  1. szla / Dec 29 2007 7:17 pm

    lexus to remember, mercedes something,hoty chicks doing great cadillac commercials. there must be a market. i ain’t buying one but i know a buch of people who prababy think its a great idea. sincerely,

  2. gkovats / Nov 28 2007 10:01 am

    Wife approached husband, distraught with checkbook in hand. “Honey, I just noticed a $5,000 withdrawal from our bank account – are you betting on ponies again?”

    “No dear, it’s a surpise.”

    “You’re G-D right it’s a surprise.”

    “Sweetie, it’ll make sense on Christmas eve, OK?”

    Wife pauses. “You spent $5,000 on my present?!”

    “Well, no, that was the down payment… ”

    “DOWN PAYMENT?!! And you thought this would be a GOOD idea?!!”

    “Honey, it’s a CADILLAC!!”

    “*gasp* – OH! That explains the second mortgage! You’re gambling our financial future on my Christmas gift! Richard, you’re the best!!”

    Instant marital harmony.

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