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November 13, 2007 / Maleesha Kovnesky

The Charlie Brown Gingerbread House

So one of the birthday gifts that my three year old picked out for me was a pre-assembled, ready to decorate gingerbread house.  We love to make crafts, so he was very excited to “make the house present for you” together.  I’ve never made gingerbread, I’m not really even sure what gingerbread is, but it sounded like a good time.  I checked the box, and most of the contents come from Canada instead of China, so we proceeded.

The Kit

We opened the box and laid the contents of the gingerbread house.  It felt a little like what it must feel to heat up one of those pre-cooked turkeys and serve it at Thanksgiving, since it was already baked and put together, but whatever.

The icing was tricky.  The amount of water it recommended wasn’t enough to absorb all the powdered icing mix, so it said to slowly add water until it had “the consistency of toothpaste.”  How specific.  I did my best, but I think the icing came out too thin, because the little candy pieces kept sliding off. 

The finished product, after AJ and I decorated it:

The Charlie Brown Gingerbread House

Just like the picture on the box, no?


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  1. cherikooka / Nov 14 2007 11:02 am

    It’s beautiful!!!! I still need to come by and shower you with birthday gifts…okay not really shower you, but you know what I mean.

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