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April 28, 2007 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Flakin’ Out on a Prescheduled Basis

I often “flake out” as a certain D would say.   “Flake out” is apparently a Woodland Park term for “not being cool enough to make an appearance at every single thing that is scheduled.”  I am a flake because I make plans (with ever intention of following through) but I often have to cancel said plans.  Sometimes this cancellation happens at the last minute.  Most of the time I cancel on plans for the following reasons:

  • Work travel (sometimes finding out the day or two before I have to leave)
  • Someone from out of town suddenly shows up (traveling folks take priority, I am sorry to say)
  • Emergency (I am in the emergency room a few times a year)
  • I just plain don’t feel like going because of recent events

Probably the most blatant of my flaking out occurs each year in June.  For the last four years, I have been invited on the annual Barr Camp trip with a group of lady hikers in Teller County.  For the last four years, I have had to cancel.  These are the consecutive reasons I have had to cancel:

  • Pregnancy
  • Work travel
  • Back surgery recovery
  • Work travel

I have to assume that God does not want me to climb Pikes Peak.  It’s okay.  He put a road there so I can still get to the top should I need to.

Anyway, now I am really worried about a major flake out that I may have to do.  A prescheduled flake out, if you will. 

Since my good friend Denise is out and about this morning, I have been tasked with purchasing Snow Patrol tickets.  We have been trying to get to a concert at Red Rocks for years, and we both love Snow Patrol, so it’s a win-win situation.  The dire need for tickets is obvious…I got an emergency phone call at 11 PM last night warning me that tickets go on sale TODAY (you KNOW it’s an emergency when people call me after 9 PM…I HATE late night phone calls..but this one was okay because it IS an emergency) It’s just that the concert is on a Monday night.  This means taking off work for half of Monday and most likely that Tuesday, because if you do a good job at the concert there is no way you should be going to work the next day.  If you do go to work the next day, it’s because you only drank Pepsi and left before the encore. 


So I am looking at two days off work, and I can’t commit to that because I am not sure what the end of July will entail at work.

HOWEVER, because I AM a good, but flaky, friend, I will be posted at Ticketmaster with my AMEX (I’ll at least get some SkyMiles out of this) ready to get four Snow Patrol tickets, whether I can go or not, so my friends can go. 

This kind of makes up for my flakiness, doesn’t it?


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  1. pikespeakdenise / May 24 2007 9:09 pm

    It SO makes up for it! Woo hoo!

    Now, just don’t cancel on me. 😉

    I’m feeling quite flaky myself at the moment for forgetting to check your blog for like a month. Oh why can’t everything you write be duplicated on MySpace? lol Just kidding…

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