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July 22, 2006 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Ten Year Reunion

I am at my ten year! reunion and it is going better than I would have imagined. Lots of people admitted they were nervous about going and things got easier as the night went on. Tonight is the dinner and the final evening of the reunion. Earlier today was the picnic at Copper Mountain Park and last night was festivities at the Met Tavern. It’s about 95 degrees outside and people were melting at the picnic.

Earlier this morning I met Lori C. at Staples. Lori and I were on the school paper and she brought a stack with her. We made 11×17 copies of old papers and we will use them to decorate the tables tonight. Reading these old papers is HYSTERICAL. We were a very political class. Of all the funny editorials and music reviews, my favorite part is that Lori gave me a copy of the Doggie Style.

The Doggie Style went down in Butte High history as “the paper that nearly got the Mountaineer canceled.” And worse, it made Ms. Cachola cry. Ms. Cachola was the advisor to we wayward journalism students. Every year we got to come out with an April Fool’s edition of the paper. In 1996 we thought it would be funny to title the paper “Doggie Style” and see if we could get away with it. Ms. Cachola, nice and proper lady that she was, did not realize the negative meaning of “doggie style” and we managed to convince her that we would have lots of drawings of bulldogs (the mascot) wearing haute couture. So the Mountaineer went to press and 1600 copies of Doggie Style were made. The one thing we hadn’t been aware of is that teachers get advanced copies of the school paper to read in the teacher’s lounge. So a more knowing teacher approached Ms. Cachola, in awe that the journalism teacher would let such a title fly. That was when Ms. Cachola learned the true meaning of Doggie Style.

She got yelled at by the principal and in turn ripped us a new one. The principal threatened to pull the class, which would have been bad since the Mountaineer had been around 88 years at that point. It was awful, just awful! All of the papers were to be destroyed, never to have innocent high-school eyes read them. Rumor has it Theresa M. and Sam W. managed to sneak copies out in their sleeves, but I never saw the final edition.

UNTIL TODAY, that is! It turns out Ms. Cachola wasn’t as mad as we all thought, and grabbed a stack of the Doggie Style before they all got burned. She gave Lori some, and Lori gave me one today. So after ten years, I am now about to sit down and read the Doggie Style. It’s a good feeling.


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