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July 13, 2006 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Potty is a Dumb-Sounding Word

But alas, it is being used in this house. 

We opened AJ’s potty chair this evening.  He was extremely excited about the prospect, after all his older cousin Brookie has a potty. 

Should I be worried that he just sat right down and peed?  Then he tried to go #2 (is this too much for you non-moms to handle) but apparently it just wasn’t happening.  But he tried.  Why do I get the distinct feeling he has been practicing this?  And where?  Is this a normal beginner’s luck thing?  I imagine it will be a while before he uses it regularly, but everyone has been warning me how hard it is to train boys and also that they are often SCARED to use a potty.  AJ just sat down and declared “Poo Poo!” loudly and went to town. 

That's what she said!

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