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June 6, 2006 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Procrastination and Productivity both begin with P (so does pasta, though)

I used to carry around a Day-Timer; you know, one of those black leather books that have space to jot down notes, phone numbers, important observations and the like.  I would purchase a new one every January to kick the New Year off right.  Having it around made me feel organized – at least it did until about the first week in February when I could no longer spot my Day-Timer underneath a massive stack of scribbled-on Post-Its.  I was very frustrated at myself for not using the Day-Timer. Sometime in April I would use it for another day or two, when finally the Day-Timer was lost in the washing machine or accidentally fell out the window of a moving car, or met a similar fate. 

Then I took a corporate sponsored Myers-Briggs test, which labeld me an “ENTP.”  The only indicator that is relevant to this blog is the PP stands for “perceiving,” which has nothing to do with the definition of perceiving.  In short, it means “unorganized procrastinator.”  Now before you think I just insulted myself, understand this:  An organized procrastinator of type P works just fine that way.  That is to say, they get the job done, they meet their deadlines, and they succeed just as often as any other type.  They just operate in a way that others might not fathom is possible.  For example, if I have three weeks to write a 4000 word paper on ethics in government, I start the paper on the eve of the 20th day.  The pressure is the best part. 

Knowing that I am a P really set me free.  I no longer have the urge to buy an expensive Day-Timer, because I know it will collect dust.  I use my pink and yellow Post-Its for notes, phone numbers, and my will.  I am more confident that even if I put things off, I will get motivated and finish in the end.  Sometimes I set “Maleesha deadlines” a week before a real deadline to get me kick started.  This is necessary in the workplace, because procrastination isn’t exactly rewarded.

Anyway, the real reason I wrote all this is because I am supposed to be doing something else right now.  But the other thing isn’t really due until next week…


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