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September 13, 2005 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Only Geniuii Need Apply…

I really needed a fu-fu coffee on the way back from a n appointment this morning. So we hit the Starbucks drive through. I ordered a Mocha Valencia. For those of you who have never had one, it tastes like those little chocolate covered orange sticks that you see near the holidays. Anyway, the lady said something through the speaker that I did not understand, so I said “pardon me?”

Then a louder, more aggressive barista hijacked the microphone. She boomed “Do you want a Mocha Valencia, or a Valencia Mocha?” WHat the… I said, “I don’t understand you.” She got louder and more annoyed at me, since I was obviously retarded, and said “Do you want a MOCHA VALENCIA or a VALENCIA MOCHA??” Now what do you say to that? Finally she said one has two shots of espresso and the other has three.

Well, excuUUUUuuUUUse me!

That's what she said!

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