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July 25, 2005 / Maleesha Kovnesky

I Held a Hummingbird Today

I left the garage open because I was only going to be gone for a minute. During that time a tiny jade-colored hummingbird flew in and got stuck behind a curtain (we have two small windows in the garage). I didn’t realize that there was a bird behind the curtain until a few hours after I returned home. I took a bag of trash out to the garage and there was a desperate fluttering and chirping behind the curtain. I peeked in to see the hummingbird trying hard to fly through the glass.

I opened all of the garage doors but the bird did not get the picture. My presence must have been terrifying even though I was holding the curtain open, trying to help. I went into the house to get a small toy fishing net that A.J. plays with in the tub. I caught the bird in the little mesh net and it quit flying. It probably thought it was the end. He became tangled and I had to gently unravel the mesh from around the tiny, tiny bird. I was now holding a hummingbird in my hand! I could feel its heart beating. I walked to the garage door and stood outside. The bird perched on my hand for about two seconds, then it realized I was going to let it go. It took off like a rocket, straight up into the air.

I hope that he is okay. I will probably never get to hold a hummingbird again.


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