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July 14, 2003 / Maleesha Kovnesky

I love it here!

I LOVE COLORADO. Now, I can’t speak for the entire place yet as I still have oodles of places to visit, but so far it is great! The air is clean and the water has a pleasant taste RIGHT FROM THE FAUCET!!! The sun shines a little brighter here (no…really!) and although the skin cancer rate is significantly higher than the rest of the country, I find this to be a good thing. Some people leave their car doors unlocked and windows rolled down when they go into the grocery store. More people look you in the eye and ask questions instead of avoiding you altogether. Keep in mind that I am comparing my new home to where I just came from, and yes I am aware that there are plenty of small-town type places left in America, but this is my blog and I can drone on and on about how fabulous everything is if I choose to! 🙂 Oh, and the job is great too. Everyone is really nice and I am going hiking all next weekend.

So have there been any not-so-wonderful moments here yet? Yes! I couldn’t breathe too well my first two days here. My apartment is well above the already high altitude of Colorado Springs (its on the side of a mountain). There was nearly an oxygen tank cry for help, but I adjusted ok. This upcoming hiking trip will either help my cause further or possibly do me in altogether. Depending on what you believe, you need 2 weeks to 3 months to acclimate to this altitude. Hmmm…oh well.

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