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May 9, 2003 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Moving Back West (Save Me Now!!!)

Word on the street: I’m moving to Colorado! I am very happy about this. Although my probability of being there by July 1 is “96%” and not 100, I am still forging ahead as if the move were imminent. I am interviewing realtors (anyone wanna buy a townhouse, quick?), packing up books and sweaters, and making lists of the nine million things a person has to do to move halfway across the country! Once I am there it’s about a 11 hour drive to Montana (home). That might sound far to East Coasties, where a person can drive across several states in a few hours; however its a nice drive for a three day weekend for peeps on the other side of the Mississippi.

Since arriving in the eastern half in early 1997 I have lived in Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. I have traveled extensively up and down I-95. There are tons of things out here, most of them based in concrete or swathed in neon or halogen. When I say things I am referring to things to do, things to see, things to avoid, things to buy, things to circumnavigate, things to accomplish, things to wear, things to attend, and things to enhance other things.

I know that when I am flying home I always know that I am “back” when I pass through the SLC airport. The people stop to ask “how are you”. No one is in a hurry.


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