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April 25, 2003 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Take Your Child To Work Day

Yesterday was “Take your Child To Work Day”. There were little tots running about the officeplace throughout the day. It reminded me of the time that my dad took me to work with him, even though the situation was quite different. He worked underground in the gold mines. It was hot, loud, dusty, and loud. Also, it was loud. The huge tunnels that were carved underneath the mountain served as roads for the giant vehicles filled with tons of gray rock. Bright halogen lighting on the helmets and the trucks lit up the walls in some spots, casting eerie shadows on others. I skipped school for this? I wondered. There were some shouts, but mostly waves and hand gestures between the hard workers as they bustled like ants to get the job done.

After I got the tour of the mine, we went outside (ahh, daylight!) and walked up the side of the mountain. Miles underneath our feet, dozens of workers were losing their hearing. From the top of the mountain I could see for miles. A bluebird landed on a nearby rock, ignorant to the fact that his mountain was being robbed of its innards.

That mine is closed today. The price of gold eventually dropped; and the fools running the corporation spent a little too much on private helicopters, so they cashed out a few million (each) and sent their grunt workers home with puny severance packages.

Today that gold mine (like most of those gold mines) is shut down. The tunnels are dark. The bluebird probably stopped wondering what all the shaking was. “Take Your Child To Work Day” will no longer lead a curious kid beneath the surface to witness the loud camraderie that is the life of an underground gold miner.


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