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April 3, 2002 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Italian Hospitality

Today we saw all kinds of Roman sights – the Colosseum again, the ruins, and everyone wanted to go shopping. Of course, I managed to drink a cappucino or three and a few of us stopped at a little restaurant and had tiramisu. I also found an Internet cafe and e-mailed some people back home. I really like Italy, it is my favorite on the trip by a long shot. I am not really buying anything, but just looking at all the neat things they have here is good enough for me Tomorrow we all leave to go home. I really miss home though, so I am looking forwrd to that too. My cats are going to really be mad at me. But this trip was definitely worth it, at least in my opinion! I would come back to Italy. The people for the most part are super-friendly! One night here, I was eating gelato and I sat next to a little old man. He didn’t speak a lick of English, but we managed to have a conversation. Italians are very proud to be Italians – he asked us if we were “americanos”. Then he went on and on…”Deniro? ITALIANO!!” “Madonna? ITALIANO! George Washington? ITALIANO! Andretti? ITALIANO…” He went on and on, naming about twenty more Italian-Americans, he was so excited and proud. Then he said goodbye, got into a little car, honked, waved, and drove away.


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