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March 31, 2002 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Easter in Paris

Went to another flea market (enormous) and had a crepe. Whoa. I think I could live here just for the crepes. Much like hot dogs are the best in New York, and crabs are best in Maryland – crepes are certainly better in Paris. After the flea market we went to Montmarte which is an artsy section of town with lots of cool shops and painters. We walked over to see the infamous Moulin Rouge. Then we had to leave to catch a train to Pisa in time. Someway, somehow…the tickets were booked for the previous night! We had to make a mad dash across town to another train station to some city on the French/Italian border!

Interesting – sleeping on a train like this. I am having a hard time sleeping because the train keeps stopping and lights are coming through the window.

We had to wait at this other train station for a few hours for our train to Milan. It was freezing! I really have no idea what town we are in, but apparently it is still in France. I decided to walk across the street to get a cup of coffee with Janeen’s parents, Wayne and Margie. This little cafe is so funny – its a total wanna be sports bar. It is great though because we walked in and there is a great big American flag on the wall, and all around are Super Bowl stats from the last three decades! There was a Washington Redskins jersey hanging on the wall! The best part is, none of them spoke ANY English, so with the really sad few French words I know, I managed to order us some coffee and bread. (By the way – there are only two kinds of bread in France – the rock hard baguette, and the buttery delicious croissant. I am sure ther are more, but we didn’t run into any!) Wayne HATED the coffee there, most likely because it was syrupy in strength and very potent caffeine-wise. I had his cup AND mine, and was wired for like the next day and a half. I LOVE THE COFFEE over here. I understand why a “Caffe Americano” is coffee and water now. Because the coffee we drink in the states is no where NEAR this ridiculously powerful! Anyway we left the guy a huge tip by French standards and I hope he still like Americans.


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