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March 30, 2002 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Reindeer Sandwich

I had a reindeer sandwich today, for lunch. The mad cow thing has been keeping everyone away from beef, and this little street deli we went to didn’t have any beef anyway. What they DID have was raw salmon sandwiches (some people remarked that they would rather risk the mad cow), cooked salmon sandwiches, some kind of poultry and then reindeer. It wasn’t bad, but I got yelled at for eating rudolph. Oh well, those silly reindeer never stop at my house anyway!
We started at the Arc d’Triomphe, then walked all the way down the Champs d’Elysses to the Louvre. What a big museum (biggest in the world!). The only goal once inside was to see the Mona Lisa. Fortunately they don’t put it TOO far away from the main entrance, but it still was a brisk walk. On the way to see ol’ Mona, I also saw a lot of paintings that I have seen in art books in the past. Very cool. After the Louvre it was on to a flea market, then the Samaritain – which is a big Parisian mall. At night, we took a boat ride down the Seine and topped the day off with a ride up the fully illuminated Eiffel Tower.


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