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March 18, 2002 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Raw Meat

Today at a business lunch I tried steak tartare.  I didn’t order it, someone else at the table ordered it and passed it around so everyone could try it.  “Everyone” turned out to be me, the others stared at the plate as if it were cold, raw beef.  Oh, wait!  It WAS cold, raw beef…ground up and mixed with a raw egg.  A little salt and pepper is added and the concoction is piled on a plate.  Legend has it that this dish originated when Mongolian and Tartar warriors in Russia, who loved the taste of raw steaks, softened their filets by placing them under the saddles of their horses while riding into battle.  When the good fight was over, a delicious soft pile of raw meat was awaiting the hungry freaks. 

The verdict – I don’t plan to ever order it.  Most places won’t make it, since its considered a health risk.  I order my steaks pretty much on the rare side anyway – but at least they are warm.  


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