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January 31, 2002 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Weird Dream

I had a very odd dream last night.  I dreamt that I was running a marathon, and my back started to give out on Mile 2.  So I kept running, running, running…finally, after nineteen arduous hours, I reached the finish line.  Crickets were chirping and the moonlight shone down onto a nearby park bench.  On the park bench was a letter that said: “Maleesha, when you finish, can you go back over the marathon route and pick up any trash?  Thanks – G.W. Bush”  

I woke up (physically tired from my “run”…amazing what your mind can do) thankful that I was in fact NOT picking up trash in downtown D.C.  However I am still weirded out by the dream.  I think there is some symbolism there that can be appropriately applied to a particular situation of mine….picking up trash for others…ha ha ha.  


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