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October 22, 2001 / Maleesha Kovnesky

NYC 2001

The NYC trip was fabulous.  What a place.  Of course, all THREE U2 concerts I made it to were great!  I think I saw it from all the best angles, to include spur-of-the moment floor tickets for the second DC show! The weirdest thing was is that we had NO IDEA where we are going, but somehow we hopped on the subway, bus, or ferry and ended up where we needed to be.  From eating pizza in Little Italy to scoring ten minute back massages in Chinatown we had the full New York tourist package (Except for the Broadway play…no time for that now!).  To top it all off, we saw a U2 concert and got interviewed by MTV.  (No, I have no idea if it is going to air)  Sure, it rained 75% of the time, and the bus drivers were really rude, but Melissa finding a bone (human?) in her New York hot dog added an air of humor to the trip to make up for the not-so-fun parts of the trip.


That's what she said!

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