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September 22, 2001 / Maleesha Kovnesky

Unknown…wish I knew

While you are going through CPR training, in the back of your head you tend to wonder if you will ever have to use it.  Then after the classes end, you store that information in the back of your head and it rarely ever crosses your mind.  Today I got to use it.  I hope I never have to again.

The company I work for is generous and prosperous enough to rent out Six Flags America every year.  It was a fabulous day of free rides, short lines, and catered lunch.  Half an hour to the park’s closing time, I found myself standing in line to “Batwing”, the park’s newest roller coaster.  The longest line of the day.  Three friends and myself were engaged in conversation when the hum of the crowd quieted.  The current coaster ride had just ended, and there were shouts coming from the cars.  I heard someone scream “Somebody do something!”  Along with three other people, I bolted out of the crowd to the front of the ride to see what was going on.

There was a young girl in one of the coaster cars, my guess she was no more than 14.  Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she wasn’t breathing.  Suddenly the CPR class came back into usable memory.  The four of us lifted her out of the car, checked for a pulse (there was none) and started CPR.  We continued until the medical personnel arrived.  The ride was closed down, and we left.  Ten minutes later, the cart sped by us and the meds were still performing CPR on her.  I wonder if she lived.  Her mother was the one who was screaming, I couldn’t stop thinking about that all weekend.  Apparently it isn’t newsworthy enough for D.C. (front page, anyway) but I am still searching to find out, hoping that she will live to hug her mother one more time.


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